Hello! Welcome to BAHIA TOMINI.

We are Eva & Kike and our Indonesian partner, Saiful. And our story could be defined as a love story that began ten years ago, the first time we visited the Togean Islands.

In the first trip we fell in love with this magic corner of the planet; the sea, the reef and its incredible creatures, its inhabitants – their eternal smiles, their kindness, their hospitality – with the jungle, its trees and wildlife, the sunsets, the clouds, the smells and flavors.and we couldn’t resist returning again and again.

After travelling and diving around half  the world we chose this magical place to settle down and make our dream come true: to lead a simple and quiet life, without waste and excess, in full contact with nature, away from the hustle and bustle and the stress of the «civilized» world and to share it with the lucky travelers who are able to come here. And that’s how it all started.

Our idea is to create an Eco-Resort in the most sustainable way with the environment. We want to build a few cottages, a restaurant and without altering the natural habitat, always working to conserve wildlife, trying to manage natural resources in the most ecological way possible. This implies the use of clean energy, regeneration of the coral in the areas that have been destroyed or damaged, and to manage properly household waste, etc.

We also want to improve the life of the local community, creating employment, offering environmental education and using local products in construction, food and basic domestic priorities. For this we collaborate with, and are active members of the TOGEAN CONSERVATION FOUNDATION.. We promote projects for the conservation of the reef, environmental education in the schools, working with children from an early age, recycling plastics and other wastes in an artistic way, and actions to achieve greater protection of the Togean Islands and consolidation of the archipelago as a Marine Reserve.